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Patient Experience Talk

I was asked by Myeloma UK to give a talk from a patient perspective at the Manchester Myeloma UK info day for patients and their families on September 22nd. I agreed as it would mean a free place and thought it would be easy enough however as time went on and the day got nearer I started feeling a little nervous and as power point was mentioned ( a way of presenting slides) I learnt how to use it and spent ages selecting slides to try and illustrate my feelings. I was really pleased with the slides, now I just had to deliver my talk. Why the nerves? It wasnt as if I had to impress anyone as we were all in the same boat. On the day I and another patient were the last item so there was plenty of time for the nerves to build! When it came to my turn I could hear my voice trembling and shaky as I started and my brain felt ok but it couldnt tell my mouth to relax and it got dryer and dryer but I got through it and people told me I didnt come across as nervous. Afterwards my consultant came up to me and gave me a big hug and told me how brilliant I was. Wow did that make it worthwhile! Preparing the talk made me realise just how far I have come on this journey since diagnosis nearly 2 years ago now and how hard it has been at times. As I said in my last post, One Year On, I find it difficult to accept that I have myeloma at the moment and that it will come back at some point. Someone asked my consultant at the conference whether she thought a cure would be found in the next 10 years and she said that she didnt think so. I really hope she is wrong.

Hopefully the link below will take you to the slides and the notes I used in the talk.

Patient experience talk on word with notes




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